Waste Management and Recycling Infographic

Here is another helpful infographic on recycling and waste management, put together by UNEP- United Nations Environment Programme.

Some interesting findings:

  • Paper and cardboard are the most common types of waste in both Germany and the USA
  • Glass and aluminium can be recycled indefinitely
  • Paper can be recycled 5-7 times before cellulose fibers break down
  • The average aluminum can contains 40% recycled material
  • Plastic is “down-cycled” to make other products rather than new bottles

waste_management infographic

View the PDF of this infographic by UNEP United Nations Environment Programme

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  1. Incredible infographic! It’s amazing how everything adds up, but people don’t always think about it. Japan and Sweden have it down to a science. I wish other countries would catch up. A good waste management company will use the best option available to them, whether that be bins calgary or recycling or what have you. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Metal Hoppers says:

    Wow, Korea has the most recycled materials! But this isn’t surprising because their country is very clean and unpolluted. Have you seen their forests and islands? Really breath-taking views. No wonder they’ve managed to maintain their environment. They are practically the leaders when it comes to recycling

  3. Interesting Infographic! In this world of increasing pollution, everyone can do their best to contribute to the energy conservation. Reuse and Recycle!

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