SmartPack Automatic Trash Compactor

The Automatic Trash Compacting Receptacle for dining areas!

SmartPack Automatic Trash CompactorTrash compactors have been used in the home and in commercial “back-of-the-house” applications for many years. Now, the SmartPack automatic compacting trash bin is placed directly at the source, where trash is disposed of, for use by your customers! This allows for tremendous savings in labor, waste hauling and trash liners.

The SmartPack automatic trash compactor is ideal for quick-service restaurants, malls, airports, schools, hotels, amusement facilities and much more! It just makes sense to compact trash in the dining area! For more information contact us today.

The SmartPack is ideal because:

  • Holds 8 to 12 bags of trash
  • ‘No handling’ system to remove trash.
  • Deposit door automatically opens.
  • Eliminates overflowing trash bins
  • Children love to throw trash into the SmartPack, keeping your place clean!
  • Save on waste hauling, labor and trash liners!
  • Paybacks can be immediate with the SmartPack! You can even sell advertising space on your SmartPacks for additional revenue.

SP20 SmartPack by Harmony EnterprisesSP20 SmartPack

Who knew a compacting trash receptacle could be smart? At Harmony Enterprises we put our 30 plus years of experience into the design of the SmartPack.

SmartPack Trash Compactor - Harmony EnterprisesSP20 SmartTrash

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