Cost-effective Bottling Equipment for Recycling and Waste Disposal

Drink and food containers continue to make up a large amount of today’s consumable waste. Bottling companies require specific needs when it comes to the disposal of leftover materials and expired products. At Harmony Enterprises we not only understand the complex needs of today’s bottling operations, we have designed products like the ExtractPack specifically for the bottling industry.

Bottling companies must deal with significant amounts of out-of-date and damaged products, changeover, and recycling all while meeting stringent environmental regulations and competitive pressures. Our products provide solutions to these problems safely, simply, with easy maintenance and disposal. If your business requires a high capacity baler, but space is at a premium consider our System Ten-Sixty T60XDRC. Using a rear feed system; aluminum cans and plastic bottles are all simply dumped into the conveyor hopper to be compacted into extremely dense bales. If big performance is what you are looking for; this vertical baler will provide it.

When it comes to baling and draining out-of-date beverage containers in one step, the ExtractPack Bottle Can Baling system from Harmony Enterprises is the baler with all of the answers. With its array of revolutionary features, this baler is truly a machine on the cutting edge. The ExtractPack is the first baler of its kind to combine baling and draining for both aluminum and plastic containers in one step. The ExtractPack’s “Shark’s Teeth” system decreases labor and preparation time making operation more profitable for the user. Want to learn more about how this vertical baler can benefit you? Give us a call today!

Benefits to Plastic, Aluminum Can, and other Bottle Recycling

Liquid extraction management.

Need to separate liquids from solid waste? Don’t worry we have the solution for you. In response to requests from our bottling clients, we have designed balers like our ExtractPack and Horizontal ExtractPack. These balers eliminate any unnecessary steps by simply:

  • Separating the liquid waste for appropriate disposal
  • Baling the solid packaging material for recycling

Our ExtractPack is the first baler of its kind to combine baling and draining for both aluminum and plastic containers in one step!

If you are looking for something on a larger scale and our ExtractPack model is not enough, then our Horizontal ExtractPack is what you need. This horizontal baler performs several times faster then draining your containers manual. This not only saves you time, it saves you money!

Harmony Enterprises is proud to present the following products that are especially beneficial to those in the bottling industry:

Automatic Balers

Vertical Balers

Horizontal Balers